One of billions – no. 1

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Year: 2015
Technique: Oil and acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 100 cm x 120 cm

One of billions - No. 1 - painting of the artist Mario Wolf

“One of billions No. 1” is the first painting of a series named “One of billions” by Mario Wolf.

In this work, Wolf is looking for the person behind the obvious, behind the public, behind clothes and clichés.
Starting point is mostly own photos of people on the street.
Physiognomy and clothing tell us something about the origin and the culture and so we begin to classify and to estimate the person.

Wolf approaches the person within the painting process.
He creates an entire situation on the canvas. But then the surrounding area is re-painted piece by piece – white, almost abstract, with coarse spatula strokes.
What remains, then, when you take away the place and the action from somebody?

One of billions – No. 1 is a painting from the art project One of billions of the artist Mario Wolf. Oil and acrylic on canvas. #Art #Portrait #artproject

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